The only thing to be feared is comfort in servitude.
Death is only a necessary evolution.
In the fight for our humanity,
We will not tire.
South Africa is no home to me,
for I am no slave of a colony.
I am a free man,
and a slave to none but God’s work.
All men must die,
and I intend for death to find me doing my people’s work,
God’s work.
Black is no curse,
neither is it synonymous with poverty, misery
and all the evils they would have us believe.
There will be no rest.
As Moses liberated the Jews from their slavery in Egypt,
so too shall we set ourselves free from our misery.
But look not for Moses, not for Mandela, not for me.
Look only for yourself.
And if still you find no inspiration,
you need only look to the millions of black children in the world today born into a life of perpetual servitude.
Do not for one second be mistaken.
This world was built on the backs of our fathers and mothers
who came before us.
The elevation of the few,
and the degradation of the many,
came at the expense of the exploitation of the black nation.
the yellow nation,
the red nation.
I am, first and foremost,
a servant of humanity,
a guardian of the truth,
a protector of the youth.
And you will forgive my insolence
if I find no truth in suffering
no truth in pain.
Black people deserve freedom no more than any other people,
not because they are black,
but because they are people.
And for as long as our lives are worth less than paintings, lions, and serving the status quo,
you’ll forgive me
if I choose to serve my people
the only way I know how,
with my life.
I have not an ounce of hate in my veins
for no man, no woman, no child, no colour, nor creed.
Ours is only a revolution of love,
a love for truth,
a love for humanity,
a love for my people.
A love so deep
that it allows me to see no rest,
till all my people are free.
Free from fear.
Free to love.
Free to be.
God bless all her children.

the truth is the truth is

Perspective pervades perception

and pollutes the purity of truth.


the ghost of relativity

draped in a veil of reality,

addressing the body of your knowledge

as the bearer of the absolute.


the seas of popularity

paddling in the oceans normality,

the waves of which crash upon your sanity

and wash away your individuality


be where you’ll be aware

of the dreariness of truth.

dreary only because

you’ve been rarely wary

of that which is televised as truth.

the truth is,

the truth is

too absolute to compute

far beyond the reach

of human teach

only heard when nature speaks

so beware.


the false promenade to prosperity

proposed as the prose of plurality

when in actuality,

the duality of reality

often masks individuality

as the face of insanity

but how can it be?

for when I peer from the top of my mind’s eye

i veer from the clutches of ignorance

escaping an inhumane humanity,

solemn in the solace of morality.


the future

The future is a tricky place.

weird and disconcerting,

young and distracted,

old and retracted.


Death is certain.

Certainly the only solace

for the raging soul.


But I hope you smile today.

I hope the sun kisses your face

and you radiate the warmth of its embrace


But I also hope you shed a tear.

I hope sadness nears your eye

if only to whisper to your body

Its final goodbye.



Walking Alone

Often when one embarks on a journey, whatever the journey may be, one finds that it is a desolate road upon which one embarks. Fear not, for this is only the product of the fear of others.

I suppose there is comfort in conformity…

As people we can talk a whole lot about the road less travelled, without ever mustering the courage to follow that road. Perhaps it is easier to follow the crowd, for even when you get lost within it, you are never truly alone. I believe it is this fear of loneliness which ashes the dreams and true desires of many.

However, to those who do dare to be themselves and abandon the yellow brick road as illustrated for us by our predecessors, I find that once you find companionship in your purpose, you need not search for solace, for you find it within yourself. Your purpose will never desert you and it is up to you to never desert it.

I walk alone because I believe in my own journey. Although I often cannot escape the clutches of loneliness, in those moments when all I have is myself to hold on to, I am reminded that I am never truly alone.

I walk alone because no matter how destitute, desolate, and deserted the road may seem; I know that if all I have is me, I have all that I need.





The idea of genius, in and of itself, is ludicrous.

The idea that one can stand from a million,

and a few from a billion;

is one which borders on absurdity

in a world predisposed to suffer individuality.


I do wonder then

whence we are ordained

to make the distinction

between that which is genius

and that which is insane.


Seemingly the same.

Both an enclave,

enslaved to the doubts of man

Said to be deranged

but simply out of reach.

Both called to teach

but too often called the weak

Those beseeched

to impeach

the deceit of humanity

are purposely released

to the realm of insanity

as they undress the actuality of reality

its profanity they preach.


And how often are those unsound, unsung?

But how?

Who could bear to hear the tales of those

who stand bare in the face of the truth?


So leave me be,

unsound and unsung,

as I head the call of that which fills up my lungs.


Unsound and unsung.

Unsound and unsung.