the truth is the truth is

Perspective pervades perception

and pollutes the purity of truth.


the ghost of relativity

draped in a veil of reality,

addressing the body of your knowledge

as the bearer of the absolute.


the seas of popularity

paddling in the oceans normality,

the waves of which crash upon your sanity

and wash away your individuality


be where you’ll be aware

of the dreariness of truth.

dreary only because

you’ve been rarely wary

of that which is televised as truth.

the truth is,

the truth is

too absolute to compute

far beyond the reach

of human teach

only heard when nature speaks

so beware.


the false promenade to prosperity

proposed as the prose of plurality

when in actuality,

the duality of reality

often masks individuality

as the face of insanity

but how can it be?

for when I peer from the top of my mind’s eye

i veer from the clutches of ignorance

escaping an inhumane humanity,

solemn in the solace of morality.



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